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For all online inquiries, LifeClub has a web based support system and, if you are an existing member, we recommend you to register with it. This will allow us to help you more effectively. The registration link can be found in your LifeClub back office under the 'Support' menu. It is also possible to submit a  request or query without any registration (for example if you are not a member) and by email. We aim to answer all inquires within 48 hours, apart from weekends. -


If you have any questions regarding your credit card payment, visit the card processor webpage: Paysite-cash Cardholder Support >>
Webpage merchant: Lifeclub Transervice Ltd, P.O. Box 25428, 1309 Nicosia, Cyprus - Reg# 237963


LifeClub International S.A. is a Panama registered company. Note that we do not operate any business in Panama. Being an online business we prefer that all communication is done electronically. Our full contact details are available to our members, in their back office.