Managed Forex Accounts


Gain Peace of Mind with Managed Forex Accounts

For a keen investor, alternative investment avenues like forex, although attractive, can seem a little tricky. Managed forex accounts help ease this apprehension. They bring together best of both worlds - you retain control while benefitting from the expertise of professionals.


Built for high returns and complete transparency, LifeClub's system is the perfect introduction to the world of forex trading, allowing you to engage in a controlled manner.


Forex as an investment option

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds - typical investment options can be limiting when an active investor wants to do more with their money. Alternative investments like trading in forex could well be the answer.


The foreign exchange currency market, "forex" or just "fx" market has always been popular with professional traders. With advantages like high-liquidity and 24-hour market (trading happens around the clock), forex trading has grown multifold in recent times.  But forex trade, unlike other investment instruments, is unregulated and is known for its extreme volatility and "high-risk, high-return" nature.


Technological advances over past years has made it possible for individual investors to also participate. But achieving sustained success in the market needs skill, specialised knowledge and focus. And, given its unpredictability, can be demanding and intense, deterring many. Managed fx accounts are among the best solutions.


What are Managed Forex Accounts

Managed accounts forex are investment accounts owned by individuals but operated by professional traders on commission-basis or spreads. Typically, the investor opens an account with a broker and enables the trader or asset manager to trade funds in his account by giving a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA).


Benefits of a managed forex account

Opting for a managed forex account from LifeClub helps you, as an investor, to:
• Draw upon professional expertise: You can profit from the professional expertise usually not available to individual investors.
• Diversify: By adding forex to your portfolio via managed fx accounts, you can offset your exposure to other asset classes.
• Mitigate risks: A big plus in allowing professionals to take over is that, more often than not, better decisions are taken.
• Retain full control: Managed forex accounts are designed so that you can decide the amount of funds you want to trade. Add or withdraw, the decision lies in your hands.
• Ready access:  The inherent liquidity of the market means that you can access your funds quickly, 24/7.
• Track trades: With complete transparency, you know exactly what your manager has done with your funds.


As a LifeClub member, you can experience the advantages of these accounts and help you succeed in your forex investments.


Please keep in mind that LifeClub International does not itself trade any funds. Trading is carried out by professional and licensed asset managers only. All client funds are held by licensed brokers and in segregated client trust accounts.


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